Herbal Salvation Kratom vendor review

Herbal Salvation is a vendor selling herbal products. It is an online store selling their products all over the United States and Canada. They sell natural products in the form of soaps, balms, lotions, teas, drinks, tinctures, powders, and other botanical. They also sell digital scales, capsule machines, and empty capsules as well.

Herbal Salvation also deals with the products of Kratom. They sell high-quality products of Kratom.  The purity and quality of the products make this vendor popular and famous among millions of Kratom lovers. Herbal Salvation is considered as the most trusted and reliable vendor selling Kratom and other products. They have never negotiated on their quality, which makes them unique and favorite.


Kratom strains and products offered by Herbal Salvation:

Herbal Salvation offers 20 diverse strains of Kratom. These strains are harvested from the regions of South-East Asia. The Kratom is 100% pure and is free from any harmful ingredient. Below mentioned are the products of Kratom offered by Herbal Salvation:

  •  Maha Kali Red Vein by Herbal Salvation
  •  Gold Vein Bali by Herbal Salvation
  • Green Vein Bali by Herbal Salvation
  • Green Vein Maeng Da by Herbal Salvation
  • Thai Maeng Da by Herbal Salvation

Rates of the products:

If we compared the quality with the prices offered by Herbal Salvation, then we will see that they are selling their products at meager rates. The quality they are offering is unrivaled, but the rates are very affordable and inexpensive. This is because they want each class of Kratom lover to get high-quality Kratom at low prices. Following are the rates offered by them on some products:

100g full-spectrum tincture available at the cost of $50.00 (originally $60.00)

  1. Sample Pack of 25goffered at the rate of $13.35 (originally $30.00)
  2. 2nd Sample Pack of 500g available at the price of $42.80 (originally $100.00)
  3. 3rd Sample Pack per 2000g is available at $150.00 (originally $280.00)
  4. Gold Reserve (5g) is vend at the cost of $40.00
  5. Gold vein Bali (100g) offered at $20.00
  6. Green vein Bali (100g) sells at the rate of $20.00
  7. Green vein Maeng Da (100g) vend at $20.00
  8. Maha Kali Red Vein (100g) is available at the cost of $35.00
  9.  Plantation Maeng Da (100g) is offered by them t the price of $45.00
  10.  Thai Maeng Da (100g) is available at a rate of $25.00

Delivery of the products:

Herbal Salvation perks users with fast shipping. They deliver their products all over the United States and the whole world. The products are packed in a wonderful way. The packaging is done to protect the products from any harmful microorganisms.


Lab testing of the products:

All the products available at Herbal Salvation are tested in lab first. They examine their products against harmful bacteria and other microorganisms. They never sell any of their products without testing and proper examination.