Securitas epay uses the modern payments solution and techniques that gives an up-to date information. It is a reminder of the employees financial transactions to help them plan resourcefully. As a mode used by companies it helps in avoiding the trials and errors of preparing payslip that is tiresome and time wasteful. It covers the time distance of travelling or posting the payslips. The employers who like to use this security way of monitoring payments of their employees, register and enroll their employees into the programmes. They then notify their employees about the enrollment program and how they can register and login. This is a world wide payment service that is a guaranteed security and personal.

Login Guide

To access your epay details, the user is required to have a username and password for login. This is only guaranteed if the employer is enrolled to the e-payment method and they will provide the information to their employees to enable them sign in. Any other signing in will require the security details provided in order personally access an account. The responsible company makes these accounts for individual employees and make them available using a web page/URL address. Typing the correct address makes it possible for the display of the required information feed. This portal holds the details of the clients who enter, their security details to sign up. It provides a default pin with the birth dates figure. A successful registration then requires a change of pin personal between 8-16 numbers. Upon completing the signing up you can therefore log in anytime using the website or the mobile number subscription. Updating your passwords is always done after every 90 days. This limits any cyber crime and maintaining the general security of the accounts.

How to access securitas epay

Interested employers list themselves to the security service, and they contact and make it known to their esteemed employees. This makes it easy to keep an up-to date self transaction and monitoring of the accounts. Accessing can be through the securitas epay website where one is required to enter the security details, password to login. It can also be done using the personal mobile number and users are therefore kept on the updated version.


Securitas epay is the modern credit administrator that is gaining a popular use across the world. It is best because it is one way of fast tracking personal credit information to avoid criminal negligence of loans and other financial obligations. Enrolling the financial status of employees keeps the upgrading and record keeping easy and simple to detect defaulters and other criminal transactions in the accounts. Managing the diverse employees financial transactions will require a precise and accurate way of tracking and also giving updated mechanism to enable a good relation and management of each member account.