Cali Botanicals Review


Cali Botanicals is an online seller of kratom and CBD products. This vendor is based in California that’s why the name is short as Cali Botanicals. The best part about Cali Botanicals is their work plan which is based on customers and for that, it brings kratom from the land of spices, Indonesia and offers to the people of the USA due to more demand in this area.

After importing the products, the kratom undergoes lab testing to ensure the products are potent and pure.

The products offered here are super affordable and can fit into anyone’s budget easily. These attractive prices are not due to low quality in their products. Instead, the prices are low due to customer relationship management.

On the top, Cali Botanicals also offers discounts on bulk deals and also allow customers to use coupon codes at the time of check out. Regular discounts are also available for old armed force persons as a tribute.

Even at low prices, offering discounts is a very unique act which shows the concern of vendors for their customers. I think every vendor should take a lesson from them and add this point to their service.


Customer Care Support

As we know, there are many online websites and most people refer some online vendors on discussion forums. But a thing which is very rare to find in most vendors is their customer support which is either low or doesn’t respond to customer’s queries.

Even at online forums, any query or discussion is fewly answered, therefore it is better to approach the supplier and ask for your queries.

It is important to note, the effects of a product vary from person to person, in this aspect, a vendor should discuss maximum with the customer.

Cali Botanicals has mentioned email address and phone number on their website to listen to the customer’s queries and to handle them at the prior response.


Kratom Awareness Program

Cali Botanicals are not only selling kratom products for the purpose of making money but also has another objective to aware and educate a person about kratom and its benefits who is unaware of it.

On their website, there are some of the sections which are not available on other big websites of kratom such as Cali Botanicals start their website from mentioning the history of kratom.

Their website also relates kratom with many medicinal effects and explains the kratom association with other native remedies. The website also mentions the differences between kratom and CBD and how these herbs function differently. Moreover, it also explains the most important and best effects of kratom produced.

Ultimately, there is another section available on their website with the name of the blog. This indicates the dedication of kratom vendor on educating people on the effects of kratom and its uses to make people comfortable with it.


Cali Botanicals can also be admired for not only selling kratom consumable products but also some tools and accessories that relate with kratom.